How to complete a form

by Ryan Hallett

Completing a form assigned to you by your trainer.

1. Begin by clicking on the Menu icon in the bottom right of the app and then selecting Forms from the bottom row


2. Next, you will see a list of forms that have been assigned to you by your trainer. Simply click on the form you wish to complete.


3. You will now be taken through to the form and be able to complete the questions. Note, the Details tab at the top of the page. If your trainer has assigned any files to the form, they will be downloadable here.

Work your way through the questions set by your trainer by scrolling down the page with your finger and clicking on a question to complete it.


4. Finally, once you have complete the form, select Save.


Boom! You're all done. Your trainer will now be notified you have completed the form and will be able to check your answers. 


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