The Builder

by Bruce Milne

From your 'My Hub' page (please see below)


If you go to the 'Menu' icon in the top right...


then select 'Packages' from the options



You can then click the 'Builder' from the 3 options at the top of your page 


Which will allow you to create a package with a choice of our pre-made programmes which you can start selling to clients straight away (as long as your Stripe account has been created).





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  • Under the package builder payment section there is a bar for "How many payments?". Does this mean if I put "8" then that package would last 8 weeks for that person and they have to buy it again? Also, is the workout removed every week or is it all removed after 8 weeks. And can they buy it again before the 8 weeks is up, or do they have to go back to the marketplace for that? Also (sorry for all the questions) why can't they just choose when to stop paying, and make the payment indefinite? Could be a stripe thing, I just want to know. Thank you!

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