• Habit Tracking FAQs

      When I Assign a habit to a client, should they receive push notification each day? Also, what time would ...

    Ryan Hallett
  • MyFitnessPal Integration

      How do I enable my client’s to sync their MyFitnessPal Nutrition Diaries with My PT Hub?   It’s a simple ...

    Ryan Hallett
  • Health Data FAQs

    Why are some of the results different to what is shown on my client’s device inside the Apple Health app? F...

    Ryan Hallett
  • Apple Watch App FAQs

    FAQ's Why can't I see the My PT Hub App on my Watch?   The My PT Hub Workout and Habit logging app installs...

    Ryan Hallett
  • Health Data - Getting Started

      How do I activate the Health Data Sync? After installing the v1,8,0 or later of the iOS or Android app, y...

    Ryan Hallett
  • Apple Watch App - Getting Started

      How do I install the My PT Hub app on my Apple Watch? Make sure you have installed the latest version of...

    Ryan Hallett
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